Non-Fat Chai Latte With No Water Please!

“Hi, I’d like a vente non-fat chai tea latte with 6 pumps of chai, no foam, no water, light whip, and cinnamon dulce topping.”

“Mam, we stopped putting water in our chai latte’s years ago!”

“Ohh really?”  Hmm…, well the last few I ordered seemed rather watery, but I can count on this one being just right, can’t I?”

“Yes indeed!”

So went the conversation earlier this week at a local Starbucks.  Chai tea latte is one of my favorite hot beverages, and I drink it so often that I can tell when it is not just right.  This one was perfect, but it got me wondering about when Starbucks stopped adding water, and why some may not have gotten the memo.

I went to the Starbucks website, and indeed it does say that one of the ingredients is water; however, when Googling “Starbucks chai tea latte,” there are apparently some who add water and some who don’t.

But what was more interesting was reading that in September, 2017, Starbucks appointed 50ish Rosalind Brewer as chief operating officer, making her the first women, and first African American to hold that position.  Isn’t it interesting that her last name is Brewer?  Get it?  Ha..ha!

I read that she doesn’t drink coffee, but instead likes green tea, and shared the following wisdom:
“You can and should set your own limits and clearly articulate them. This takes courage, but it is also liberating and empowering, and often earns you new respect.” –

I love this, because as women over 50, we can and should continue to set and re-set our own limits, whether it be in our careers, hobbies, fitness, fashion and beyond, and not let others define us based on our age or our silver hair.

Let’s be empowered by this as we enjoy our green tea or chai tea latte with no water!

20180223_151912   Rosalind_Brewer.600x400

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